Sunday, 20 September 2015

My own STI ETF investing update

Sometimes people asked me if I implement the POSB BCIP, which I advocate, and my answer is no.

This is because I know that I am conditioned to buy the STI ETF when it falls, but I cannot say the same for others who are new to investing (and usually these are the people suited to index investing). Below shows the different points at which I bought the STI ETF in 2015:

Although my plan is to invest roughly once every month, you can see that there were no purchases during mid April to end June. And there were 3 purchases within the span of a month in mid Aug to early Sept alone.

If the STI undergoes further correction, I'll expect myself to be buy more. So I do hope in the near future, there are opportunities to accumulate the STI at even cheaper prices.

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